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  • Chicken Nuggets

    Weight: 300 g

    Chicken breast has now a terribly appetizing and tasty shape.
    Succulent pieces of chicken breast, wrapped in a crispy crust make a delicious meal.

    Do not defrost before cooking.

  • Chicken Medallion

    Weight: 300 g

    Prepared with the best part of the chicken breast, Edenia Medallion is an ideal choice for a quick and tasty meal. Succulent chicken breast fillets wrapped in a crispy crust, can be prepared immediately in the oven, without oil. Just call your guests, Edenia will take care the rest.

    A box contains 5 or 6 pieces of chicken medallion.

    Do not defrost before cooking.

  • Chicken Cordon Bleu

    Weight: 250 g

    A French inspired dish, the chicken cordon bleu is very appreciated in the international cuisine. The Edenia Chicken Cordon Bleu is defined by its special ingredients: delicious turkey ham and Gouda cheese, wrapped in a tender chicken breast fillet.

    It is so easy to enjoy at home a sophisticated dish straight from the restaurants menus. It will be just as crisp and tasty, but it will take only a few minutes to prepare. Just place it in the preheated oven!

    A box contains 2 pieces of cordon bleu.

    Do not defrost before cooking.

  • Chicken Schnitzel

    Weight: 320 g

    Each pack of Edenia chicken breast schnitzel is a delight. Juicy and tasty chicken pieces, wrapped in a crispy crust that can be prepared in just 30 minutes in the oven, without oil.

    A box contains 3 or 4 pieces of chicken schnitzels.

    Do not defrost before cooking.

  • Pork Wiener Schnitzel

    Weight: 330 g

    With 100% tender and juicy pork fillet, the Edenia Pork Wiener Schnitzel is perfect for a quick meal. It’s as good as the homemade schnitzel, just easier to prepare, in 15 minutes, straight in the oven, without oil! Serve it according to the Viennese tradition, along with a few slices of lemon.

    A box contains 3 pieces of pork schnitzel.

    Do not defrost before cooking.

  • Turkey Schnitzel

    Weight: 330 g

    The white, lean turkey meat is well-known for its many benefits: it is an important source of protein and B vitamins, and it helps improve the immune system.

    The Edenia Turkey fillet Schnitzel is a perfect choice for a balanced and extremely tasty meal.
    In addition, it is easy to prepare, in the oven, without oil. The turkey fillet will remain tender and juicy beneath the golden, crispy crust.

    A pack contains 3 pieces of turkey schnitzel.

    Do not defrost before cooking.

  • Breaded wings

    Weight: 450 g

    The famous, delicious breaded chicken wings have a crispy crust and are very tender inside. And they are so easy to prepare in the oven, that you certainly will find more and more opportunities to make them for everyone.

    Do not defrost before cooking.

  • Barbeque wings

    Weight: 400 g

    Tender chicken wings, seasoned with selected spices that will delight everyone.
    Easy to prepare, directly in the oven, remaining very juicy and flavorful.

    Do not defrost before cooking.