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  • Rustic Filo Sheets

    Weight: 400 g

    Fluffy and very resistant, the Edenia rustic pie sheets are thicker than the classic ones.
    Very easy and simple to use even by less experienced cookers.
    One pack contains 7-9 rustic pie sheets.

    • Rinse on hot cast iron plate
    • Resistant and easy to use
    • The pie will be soft, succulent and rustic
  • Pastry dough

    Weight: 800 g

    Edenia frozen dough is ideal for both savory and dessert pastry. The two pieces in a package are individually wrapped in baking paper. Thus you can defrost and use them individually, depending on the amount you need. Baking paper' size is proper for an ordinary baking tray.

    • Fluffy and delicate
    • Fine and aerated after baking
    • A package contains 2 pieces of 400 g wrapped in baking paper
  • Filo pastry

    Weight: 400 g

    Edenia Filo sheets: get easily separated from one another and they do not stick to each other. They are very practical and easy to use. They are elastic and durable, ideal for sweet or savory fillings.

    • Made with special pastry flour
    • Elastic and durable
    • Get easily separated from one another
    • Easy and evenly defrosting process