Ready meals


From the packaging directly into your oven or pan, Edenia ready meals are the option for quick and tasty meals

Made with highest quality ingredients, Edenia ready meals are emphasized by classic and modern recipes. They help you to prepare quick and tasty meals, without compromise and without spending more time in the kitchen than you intended. Its diverse range of products inspires you every time to choose something new.

They are easy to cook, with no effort for preparation step; you remove them from the packaging and put them in the oven or pan. Whatever your craving may be, meat, fish, seafood, pizza or traditional meals, the taste of Edenia ready meals is the one that you want.


Pizza Quatro Fromaggi


Within minutes, you can have on tour table a crispy pizza with thin, stone oven baked crust and rich topping.

For an intense taste, the dough is covered before baking with freshly prepared tomato sauce. The best ham, the tastiest mushrooms, the most appetizing salami and four kinds of quality cheese are topping Edenia pizza.
And if you like to innovate at every meal, choose Pizza Margherita: perfect pizza base to be directly topped with your preferred ingredients.

Nuggets de pui


100% fillet in crispy crust for the authentic taste that you want. Edenia meat ready meals are the best option for your family: they are easy to cook and don’t require cooking in oil.

Chicken, turkey or pork Edenia products are ready to satisfy all requirements. And if your favorite foods are golden and crispy, then you have many shape and taste options.

Fish fingers


Edenia breaded seafood or fish fillets bring you closer to the great taste of the sea in the easiest form to cook: from the box, directly into the oven!

Crispy and tasty, 100% fillet or seafood, Edenia breaded fish ready meals are ready in just few minutes!

Lasagna Bolognese


A whole world in your kitchen! Edenia offers you ethnic meals with the finest ingredients, flavors and spices that will bring about the authentic taste of local or international dishes.

From the exotic flavors of traditional dishes of Mexico, India or Italy, Edenia ethnic meals recreate the taste of these places, using authentic recipes. Friendly packaging shows you how you can enjoy without effort any product of this range.

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