Freshly frozen, Edenia vegetables maintain their vitamins, minerals, color and taste

Edenia vegetables are picked at maturity, when their flavor and color are perfect. Quick frozen at very low temperatures, individually, even grain by grain, simple vegetables or vegetables mix are available all year long.

Vegetables are key to a healthy diet, due to the fact they are a considerable source of vitamins, minerals and fibers. On their way to the consumer, fresh vegetables can, however, lose many nutrients; the amount of nutrients begins to decrease considerably immediately after harvesting. For example, fresh spinach can lose, in 2 days, up to 76% of its vitamin C content. By quick-freezing, within few hours after harvesting, Edenia vegetables preserve all their properties until they are eaten.




Edenia vegetables are frozen within few hours after harvesting, to preserve their nutrients and they reach you without changing their properties.

A study of the US Agency for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed that the freezing process using modern methodology doesn’t affect the vegetable fiber and thus enable them to keep their properties. In addition, the fact that vegetables come ready, sorted and cleaned can help you save time.



Peeled, chopped and mixed in ideal proportions, vegetables mixes can be both side and main dishes.

Vegetables are picked at maturity, when their properties are perfect and we create the best combinations. Vegetables are carefully selected and cleaned of impurities and imperfections. Only the vegetables that meet all the high quality standards are packed as Edenia products.

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