With Edenia, you bring the traditional bakery flavor directly into your kitchen

Whether you like to prepare the filling yourself or to directly enjoy our unique recipes, with a minimal effort an appetizing aroma will fill your home!

Pastry dough, Filo sheets or fine pies that are based on traditional Greek recipes, all are carefully prepared so that the result on your table be exceptional!




Elastic and resistant, Edenia frozen pastry dough and Filo sheets and packaged carefully to keep intact until use.

Special pastry flour and production method gives you a fine and airy pastry dough after baking, while Filo sheets are thin and resistant and can be used with any sweet or savory fillings. And once you have a reliable base for your recipes, you only have to choose what to cook today!

placinta branza sarata


Using the best ingredients, in most inspired recipes of Greek origin, we obtained incredibly tasty Edenia pies.

Available in 4 variants, Edenia pies are excellent both in terms of taste, and of rich combination of ingredients. Made with olive oil, they have a spiral shape, thus ensuring a even distribution of the filling and a crispy crust. They are ready in 30 minutes!

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