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Edenia. I know what I eat

Edenia, leader in frozen foods category, has the most diverse range of premium products: vegetables, fish, chicken, ready meals and pastry. The ingredients come from renowned regions and, due to the freezing process, they keep very well their freshness and nutritional properties.

We all want fresh, healthy and tasty food. Less obvious is how we get to it, especially when there are some common paradigms, more or less grounded. An example would be the paradigm “frozen vegetables are not fresh”. The truth is, precisely by freezing as soon as possible after harvesting, vegetable freshness is preserved until the final destination.

When the products are frozen, their freshness, taste and time seem to stop. Just like in the four TV advertisings which highlight four products in various Edenia categories: peas, Atlantic cod, lasagna and Coquelet de Bretagne.

Through its campaign “I know what I eat”, Edenia seeks to educate and persuade more people to eat healthy. The brand stands out through its care in choosing ingredients and their sources of origin, as well as through the expertise it brings to the final consumer.

The campaign “I know what I eat” was launched at the beginning of February 2016 by 4 TV advertisings, in-store and digital activations.


Harvested in the Danube Meadow, Edenia peas are the only peas frozen within 2½ hours after harvesting, precisely to preserve its freshness and nutrients.

Danube Meadow. Fertile and fruitful land where peas are cultivated with passion by skilled gardeners. By freezing within 2 and a half hours after harvesting, Edenia preserves the freshness of the just picked peas. Edenia. I know what I eat.



Caught in the North of Atlantic Ocean, Edenia Atlantic Cod is filleted and quick frozen to preserve its freshness.

North of Atlantic. Clear cold waters. Here, the sea is unforgiving, but for the brave ones, there is a special moment: the joy of catch. Filleted and quick frozen, Edenia Atlantic Cod preserves the freshness of the just caught fish. Edenia. I know what I eat.



Edenia Lasagna bolognese is produced in Italy and keeps the authentic taste of an Italian trattoria.

Italy. Mild and sunny climate, perfect for the finest ingredients. Sheets, tomatoes, meat, inviting flavor. Edenia. Authentic Italian lasagna. Edenia. I know what I eat.



Edenia Coquelet de Bretagne is a small farm poussin raised on farms in France and has a 100% vegetarian diet.

Inside Edenia packaging, is happening only what is necessary. Coquelet de bretagne is raised on a farm, corn fed and optimally frozen… so you can enjoy the country chicken taste. Edenia Coquelet de Bretagne. I know what I eat.


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