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An Extraordinary Pizza Deserves a Special Introduction

A fakir, a ballerina, a juggler and a samurai meet in a pizzeria. What comes out of this meeting? Pizza Edenia. More precisely: a series of 5 authentic pizza recipes prepared with mastery and stone baked.

Edenia, the leader in the frozen food market, is expanding its range to a new category: frozen pizzas.

The first promotion campaign on this segment, created by GMP Advertising, starts with a spot that dramatizes Edenia’s spectacular taste. Created with craftsmanship, the product blends stone baking with top quality ingredients, giving consumers a sensory experience that they will want to repeat over and over again.

“We started from the key attribute of the brand, the passion for selecting the best ingredients, which we have shown by using some extraordinary characters that make pizza in an absolutely spectacular way, bringing memorability and uniqueness,” says Bogdan Raileanu, Group Creative Director, GMP.

We wanted a creative product that distinguished itself in the TV spots block as well as an Edenia pizza box does in the modern trade refrigerators,” says Mihai Gongu, Executive Creative Director.

Dressed in a premium design package, Edenia pizza aims to get on the tables of as many consumers as possible.

Everyone loves pizza! This was also our starting point for the development of the Edenia pizza range. We wanted to offer consumers the pizza that they love: made just as they would prepare themselves at home. Thin and crisp stone baked crust, freshly prepared tomato sauce for enhanced taste and flavor, and of course, a topping with various ingredients of the finest quality“, explains Camelia Manoil, Edenia Senior Category Manager.

The consumption of frozen pizza at local level is estimated at about 11 million units per year, a significantly lower consumption than in other European countries, but with a great potential for development, especially in terms of home-made pizzas.

Market studies in 2016 show that 10% of young people aged between 20 and 35 and 6% of those aged between 35 and 49 eat frozen pizza weekly.

Ready-made Edenia frozen pizza with a thin and crispy stone baked crust, and a wide range of toppings, helps all those who have little time to cook but want to enjoy a real pizza at home or at work.

The communication campaign began in February 2017 on TV, online, but also in stores. The fakir, the ballerina, the juggler and the samurai are the extraordinary characters that metaphorically promote the ingredients that Edenia pizza has mastered.

GMP Team: Creation: Mihai Gongu – Executive Creative Director, Bogdan Raileanu – Creative Director Group and Razvan Raicu – Sr. Art Director, Strategy: Ileana Parau – Head of Strategy, Client Service: Cristiana Belodan – Customer Service Director, Andreea Chita – Manager and Laura Jitariuc – Jr. Account Executive, AV: Adrian Radu – AV Producer.

Edenia Team: Oana Stincel – Marketing Manager, Camelia Manoil – Senior Category Manager, Valentina Petrea – Senior Brand Manager, Ana Ocnaru – Communication Manager.

Discover the Edenia pizza range.


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